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GIGAtronic - monitoring of working parameters of the crane

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GIGAtronic TWD on the base of PLC Schneider Electric serves for: 

GIGAtronic TWD for monitoring cranes and hoists
GIGAtronic TWD for monitoring cranes and hoists

GIGAtronic with software GIGAsoft usually offers the following functions: 

  • Complete monitoring the two hoists installed on the same bridge crane 
  • Number of working cycles of the main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms 
  • Travelled way for monitored groups (hoist, bridge) 
  • Number of switching on for all monitored drives 
  • Bridge and Hoist`s working time 
  • Data about the crane or hoist loading spectrum, including calculation of reduced operation hours  
  • Maintenance intervals for a lot of components of the crane, including signalization with visualization 
  • History of overloading and alarm states with real date and time  
  • Communication RS 232 by means of communication cable or wireless communication by means of GSM modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radio modem
  • Viewing the actual weight on the extern segment display (tare, brutto and netto) 
  • Viewing the actual weight on the lighted display of radio remote control panel
  • Viewing the states of remote inputs and outputs 
  • Automatic restart in case of failure of communication 
  • Photo archive for every installation (for example, photos of production plates, general view of the crane etc.)  
  • Wireless print of weighing protocols, including sophisticated data base
  • Switching over between up to 3 overloading levels
  • Common switchning off the two lifting mechanisms in synchronous mode
  • Special mode for synchronous operation of grab lifting mechanisms
  • Sending the weight into other technological complexes
  • Visualization can be carried out to the extern graphic terminal
  • Control of frequency inverters by means of RS 485 Modbus
  • All cranes which are already operated and which are equipped with GIGAtronic can be additionally equipped with radio remote control with weight displaying

 Examples of screens GIGAsoft for GIGAtronic 

Settings for cranes, hoists
Settings for cranes, hoists
Calibration for cranes, hoists
Calibration for cranes, hoists
Monitoring for cranes, hoists
Monitoring for cranes, hoists and maintaining and maintaining
List of cranes, hoists
List of cranes, hoists
Print of weighing protocols
Print of weighing protocols