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Monitoring of cranes and hoists

We have plesure to introduce You our system GIGAtronic serving for monitoring of cranes in accordance with the norm ISO 12482-1. Development of the device GIGAtronic was started 10 years ago. From 2005, the system GIGAtronic is based on PLC produced by Schneider Electric. At present this equipment is able to satisfy needs even the most demanding customers. At your disposal not only monitoring the crane working state but, for example, overload cut-out, weighing the load, including printing the weight protocols, using the GIGAtronicu for positioning the hoist or bridge etc. 


  The main components of the monitoring system are:

Scheme GIGAmatic-GIGAtronic

  • GIGAtronic - complete monitoring of cranes or hoists  
  • GIGAmatic - over-load cut-out, including basic monitoring functions  
  • GIGAsoft - software for monitoring administration  
  • Tensiometers  of different types

 Communication with PC can be provided by means of one the following ways:

GIGA radio modem

  Monitoring system GIGAtronic offers the wide scale of other possibilities:

Weighing of the load