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Gantry Cranes and Semi Gantry Cranes GIGA

We produce Gantry Cranes and Semi-Gantry Cranes for indoor and outdoor using on the base of technical requirements of  customers. Hoists travel on the up girder.
Gantry cranes (semi-gantry cranes) are suitable solution for manipulation with materials above wide store place, in which there is impossible to build a crane way. 
Gantry cranes GIGA
Gantry cranes GIGA

  • Design: for indoor or outdoor using, with single or double girders
  • Equipped by electric wire rope hoists GIGA with low headroom or chain hoists
  • Power supply of the hoist festoon flat cable power supply system or energy chain
  • Power supply of the crane trolley or cable drum or energetic chain
  • Control independent overhead control box with buttons, or remote radio control, or cabin
  • Two-speed motors on lifting and travelling mechanisms or fluently speed regulatione by means of frequency inverters
  • We are glad to offer you gantry crane (or semi-gantry crane) accorging to your technical requirements.

3D models of Gantry Cranes and Semi Gantry Cranes

Semi Gantry Crane GIGA
Gantry Crane GIGA
Semi Gantry Crane GIGA