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Electric wire rope hoists, series GHM (GHF)

We produce electric wire rope hoists in two-speed hoists (marked as GHM) or hoists with stepless speed regulation by means of a static frequency inverters (marked as GHF). 

We offer electric wire rope hoists GHM (GHF) series of the following types:

Hoist GHM 3201
Hoists GIGA, GHM series, capacity 20t
3856-12 PROCONT Prešov - 2pcs of GHF 500-16-2-1-6M,S
Zincifying hoists-pairs GHF 5000-16-2-1-9M,R
GIGA hoist of GHM series, single-rail with standard headroom
3396-10_GJMJ 10t_cantilever