Two Bridge Cranes GDMJ 6,3t/18m for Liberec waste incineration plant - TERMIZO

Year of realization 2019-2020
Customer Termizo, a.s.
Place of installation Liberec waste incineration plant - Termizo, a.s. Liberec
Range of delivery
Delivery and mounting of two mirrored double girder bridge cranes, type GDMJ 6,3t/18m with grabs, incl. power supply trolleys
Span: 18m
Lifting capacity: 6,3t
with a special GIGA winch, type GWF 6,3t-4/2
The winch trolley consists of two frames equipped with 4 weighing sensors enabling precise load weighing
with an auxilliary lifting 1,6t (GHM 3201-20-2/1-12M,Z)
Lifting hight: 23m
Crane group classification: A7
Lifting speed: 5...50 m/min
Hoist travel speed: 0...40 m/min
Crane travel speed: 0...60 m/min
Control: from an existing crane chair placed in a control room
All electric wiring of the crane (equipment of electric switchboards) is situated in an air-conditioned container (e-house) placed on the crane foot-bridge.

Výroba GDMJ 6,3t/18m pro Termizo Liberec

Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_1Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_2Vyroba jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_3

Expedice jeřábu GDMJ 6,3t/18m

GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_1GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_2GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_3GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_4GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_5GDMJ 6,3t-18m_expedice_6

Montáž GDMJ 6,3t/18m v Termizo Liberec

Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_1Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_2Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_3Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_4Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_5Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_6Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_7Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_8Montaz jerabu GDMJ 6,3t-18m_9

Dvounosníkový mostový jeřáb GDMJ 6,3t/18m v provozu

Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_01Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_02Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_03Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_04Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_05Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_06Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_07Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_08Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_09Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_10Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_11Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_12Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_13Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_14Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_15Mostovy jerab GDMJ 6,3t-18m po montazi_16