Change of span of bridge crane GJMJ 1t/25,2m to 26,6m

Year of realization 2012
Customer KSM Castings CZ, s.r.o.
Place of instalation Production hall of KSM Castings CZ, s.r.o., Hrádek nad Nisou
Range of delivery
Change a span of a GIGA bridge crane, type GJMJ 1t/25,2m, year of production 2008, from 25,2m to 26,6m and after reconstruction, install the new crane on a new 24m long crane way.
The existing crane is modified by producing a new bridge. End carriages and other components were remained, only firm cabling and pendant cable were chaned.
The range of works:
demounting and transport of the crane to the GIGA plant
demounting of crane components, 
- manufacture and mounting of a new bridge
- geometric survey of the crane
new painting
- assembly of the new crane
transport and mounting of the new crane and new power supply
- new documentation and static calculations

Expedice mostového jeřábu GJMJ 1t/26,6m

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