Reconstruction of bridge crane Snina 12,5t-15,9m

Year or realization 2018
Customer PRESBETON Nova, s.r.o.
Place of installation Production plant of PRESBETON Nova, s.r.o. in Bystrovany
Range of delivery
Reconstruction of the existing double-girder bridge crane of SNINA, type 12,5t/15,9m + delivery of a new power supply trolley + communication with the control system of the concrete plant + geometric survey of the crane way.
The following deliveries and works were realized:
demounting of existing components of the crane in place of operation
delivery and mounting of a new GIGA hoist, type GHM 25000-14-2/1-6M,D
delivery and mounting of a new hoist power supply – energy chain
delivery and mounting of a new crane electric cabinet
delivery and mounting of a new radio control
delivery and mounting of new crane travel motors, including brakes
delivery and mounting of a new crane power supply trolley, length 110m
new documentation and crane marking
- revision and test of the crane

Jeřáb SNINA 12,5t-15,9m před rekonstrukcí


Nové jeřábové komponenty pro rekonstrukci jeřábu SNINA

5362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_15362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_25362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_35362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_45362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_55362-18_Rekonstrukce jerabu SNINA_6