Reconstruction of crane Vihorlat Snina 5t-19,2m with a cabin ine middle of the bridge, for ŽDB VIADRUS Bohumín

Year of realization 2006
Customer ŽDB a.s., Bohumín
Place of installation Production plant of ŽDB, a.s., Facility TT VIADRUS in Bohumín
Range of delivery
Reconstruction of the double-girder bridge crane of Vihorlat Snina, type 5t x 19,2m with a cabin in the middle of the bridge.
Demounting of the existing hoist and cabin, crane travel motors, electric wiring. Only bridges, end carriages and wheels remained on the original crane.
THe following components are installed on the reconstructed crane:
- new bride travel motors with brakes ang gera-boxes
- new wire-rope hoist of GIGA, type GSF 5025-12-4/2-18M,D
    Lifting capacity  : 5000 kg
    Lifting speed          : 0-30 m/min – smooth speed regulation
    Travel speed        : 0-50 m/min with brakes – smooth speed regulation
- new electric  switchboard
- complete new festoon cable system and new crane wiring
- new cabin in the middle of the brige with a new adjustable arm-chair with yoisticks
- new painting of the crane steel structure

Vihorlat Snina 5t-19,2m před rekonstrukcí

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Vihorlat Snina 5t-19,2m po rekonstrukci

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